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The Open University offers high quality non-degree university studies that are based on research and compliant with the University of the Arts Helsinki’s degree requirements.


The studies are arranged by the Open University and its partner institutes. Certain courses are integrated with studies arranged byt the University of the Arts Helsinki's degree programmes.


Contact the Open University personnel:


The Open University's current course program can be found on the Courses site.



The application periods for the 2019-2020 academic year are:

period type published by
enrolment starts
enrolment ends
spring 2020 Courses integrated with degree studies 8 Nov 2019 26 Nov 2019, 9.00 AM 3 Dec 2019, 11.59 PM
spring 2020 Courses arranged by the Open University 8 Nov 2019 26 Nov 2019, 9.00 AM 16 Dec 2019, 11.59 PM
summer 2020 All Open University courses 27 March 2020 7 April 2020, 9.00 AM 23 April 2020, 11.59 PM


You can find current courses under Courses in the side bar. Use the different categories to find courses or search for example with the name of the course.

Courses from previous study terms can be found on Studyinfo's website.


Apply for Open University studies at the University of the Arts Helsinki by using the form in the course calendar.

Students are mainly selected in order of enrollment, but the application process often includes a pre-assessment by proficiency test, audition, a letter of motivation, or similar. Detailed instructions are given for each course. Student selections for integrated studies are decided by the department /  study programme / subject area in charge. Student selections are made based on resources available and the student's rediness. The result of the student selections are notified via e-mail before the studies begin.

Open applications

Open University students can also apply for other University of the Arts Helsinki courses in well-motivated special cases. The application must be aimed at a specific course on the university’s curriculum that academic year. More information on the University's curricula according to degree requirements can be found on the university's website. Some of the degree courses are not arranged annually, the schedules for each academic year can be found in WebOodi.

Open University study rights are only given for lecture courses or group studies. It is not possible to apply for individual tuition.

A study right can be granted if the applicant’s previous studies and skills are adequate and the courses are not full. The applicant's rediness is, if necessary, assessed with a proficiency test or similar. The classes are integrated to the University of the Arts Helsinki’s degree studies and take place mainly during daytime.

For more information on applying for non-degree study rights contact: The study right is applied for via the University’s Open University and it is confirmed by the respective department/study programme/subject area.

Terms of cancellation

The application is binding after the student has received confirmation of their study right.

Any cancellations should be addressed to the Uniarts Open University ( one week before the start of the course, not to the teacher of the course.

A paid study fee will only be refunded in case of illness (a doctor’s note must be provided).  The study fee will not be refunded if the student does not participate in teaching or if they drop the course. If the student does not cancel their study right according to the terms of cancellation, the study fee will be charged in full.

Open University studies

Study guidance

Teachers provide individual study guidance during the courses and can answer questions about how to complete courses. General study guidance is provided by the Open University personnel: The Open University’s office also provides information on matters concerning practical arrangements of courses.

Read more on different study options at Current information on adult education grants, study leaves and other study affairs is provided by the Employment Office, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland KELA and The Education Fund. 

Student fees

The University of the Arts Helsinki’s Open University charges annual student fees for student services, special arrangements and learning materials. For studies organized by the Open University, studies integrated to the university's degree programmes and studies granted by open applications, the student fee is determined by the number of credits for each course (€ 15 per ECTS credit).

Student fees are returned only under circumstances involving illness in exchange for a medical certificate or if the Open University cancels the course.

The Open University student fees are regulated by the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State (150/1992) and the Government Decree on Fees Collected by Universities (1082/2009). 

Class attendance

Class attendance is important as examinations require knowledge of the information presented in the lectures. The attendance requirement if usually approximately 80 %. If a student attends less than required he or she must complete additional assignments that are agreed upon separately with the teacher.

Active attendance and participation is required in group work courses and courses that develop practical skills.

Attendance criteria are explained when the course begins. Students should check the criteria early on in the studies. Inadequate attendance can possibly be compensated with additional assignments which are agreed upon with the teacher. 

Open University students are not covered by the University of the Arts Helsinki’s accident insurance policy. This means that the University’s insurance policy does not compensate students for any accidents resulting in e.g. injury that take place in connection to teaching. It is on the student’s own responsibility to buy the necessary insurance.

Student feedback

Students are often asked to fill out feedback forms at the end of each course. The feedback is used to develop the education and course substances. You can also give general feedback about the Open University’s studies and services by email.

Student register and data protection

Students are listed on the Open University student register once they have registered for education and received a study right. All study attainments completed at the Open University are registered in the University of the Arts Helsinki's record of credits.

Certificates can be ordered from the Open University’s office. Students need to have paid their student fees when ordering certificates, which are delivered in one to two weeks.

Name changes and new addresses should be reported to the Open University immediately. The student register is under the effect of the Act on the Protection of Privacy. 

Data protection at Uniarts Helsinki

Including studies in a degree

Students may include Open University studies in their degree depending on the accepting organization’s terms. The Open University studies have been designed to correspond with the University of the Arts Helsinki degree studies. Academy departments/study councils confirm the Open University degree criteria and teachers.

Open University students do not graduate with a degree. Students who wish to attend the University of the Arts Helsinki as degree students must apply for the University via the regular student admission process.


Sibelius Academy's study material

Theatre Academys' study material

Partner institutions

Partner institutions

Partner institutions arrange the University of the Arts Helsinki's courses in other parts of Finland. The teachers on these courses are the university's own teachers or other experts that are acknowledged by the University of the Arts Helsinki.

The Open University’s principle is to offer everyone an option for university studies, regardless of previous education. The courses correspond with basic degree studies at the university. Contact teaching takes place mostly in the evenings and on weekends. These Open University principles are to be adhered to also during studies arranged by the partner institutions. Partner instituions are for example summer universities and adult educations centres.

The University of the Arts Helsinki Open University aspires to offer university level arts studies as broadly as possible. In addition to our current partner institutions we want to invest in new partnerships as well. Please contact us ( if you are interested in arranging the University of the Arts Helsinki's Open University studies at your institution. 

Instructions on registering for partner institutions' courses are available on the institutions' own websites.

Avoin väylä yliopisto-opintoihin

Avoin väylä yliopisto-opintoihin



Taideyliopisto avaa Arts management -maisteriopintoihin avoimen yliopiston väylän. Kevään 2019 haussa avoimen yliopiston erikseen määritellyillä opinnoilla pääsee suoraan haun toiseen vaiheeseen (entrance examination). Haku alkaa 9.1.2019 ja päättyy 23.1.2019 klo 15.

Mikäli hakija on suorittanut hyväksytysti jonkun alla olevista Taideyliopiston (ennen v. 2013 Sibelius-Akatemian) avoimen yliopiston opintokokonaisuuksista ja täyttää muut maisteriohjelman hakuehdot, hän etenee keväällä 2019 suoraan Arts Management -maisteriopintojen haun toiseen vaiheeseen. Opintokokonaisuuden suoritustilanteen voi tarkistaa osoitteesta

Johdatus taidehallintoon (18 op)
Johdatus taidehallintoon (20 op)
Taiteen johtamisen ja yrittäjyyden perusteet (20 op)
Kulttuuriyrittäjyyden opintokokonaisuus (25 op)

Lisätietoa ja ohjeita kevään 2019 hausta:

Sibelius-Akatemian yleiset hakuohjeet:

Englanninkielisten koulutusohjelmien kielivaatimukset:

Arts managementin maistereriohjelman valintaperusteet:

Hakuun liittyvissä asioissa saat lisäohjeita Sibelius-Akatemian hakijapalveluista: , puh. 040 7104 211


Kevään 2021 haussa tulee olemaan suora avoimen yliopiston väylä, jolloin erikseen määritellyillä avoimen yliopiston opinnoilla on mahdollista edetä suoraan Arts management -maisteriohjelmaan tutkinto-opiskelijaksi ilman valintakoetta. Hakuprosessiin liittyy kuitenkin haastattelu. Tiedotamme kevään 2021 hausta myöhemmin lisää.


Avoimen yliopiston väylällä tarkoitetaan hakemista yliopiston tutkinto-opiskelijaksi avoimessa yliopistossa suoritettujen opintojen perusteella. Avoimen yliopiston väylän kautta yliopiston tutkinto-opiskelijaksi hakevalla tulee olla suoritettuina koulutusohjelman määrittelemät opinnot. Valintakriteerit ja väylään vaadittavat opinnot vahvistetaan vuosittain. Arts management -maisteriohjelman tutkinto-opiskelijaksi voi hakea joka toinen vuosi, haku tapahtuu kevään yhteishaussa.


Arts management -maisteriohjelma kouluttaa tekijöitä yhä kasvavan ja kehittyvän kulttuuriteollisuuden alalle. Englanninkielinen koulutus kattaa taidealat aina tanssista musiikkiin ja teatterista museoihin. Valmistuttuaan opiskelijat sijoittuvat erilaisiin tuottamis- ja johtamistehtäviin taiteen ja kulttuurin julkiselle, yksityiselle tai kolmannelle sektorille.


Puh. 050 384 3452