Professional specialization

Specialization education:

Professional specialisation studies to start next year

Professional specialisation studies to start next year

In the future, masters graduated from the University of the Arts Helsinki will be able to participate in professional specialisation studies.

The first application period for the studies will start in autumn 2017, if the Ministry for Education and Culture approves of the funding for the studies. The Ministry will fund half of the cost of the education, the other half will be funded by different grants, and course fees paid by the participants or their employers.

The University of the Arts Helsinki has actively participated in the universities’ joint development of specialisation studies, and has carried out several pilot projects during the years 2010-2015, i.e. Audience Development and Management, Kehittyvä rehtori management education for principals at art institutions and Artist-Developer (specialisation studies).

Affiliates to the project coordinated by the University of the Arts Helsinki, and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture are: Aalto University, Tampere University, University of Lapland and a diverse network of working life partners from the art sectors.

The goal for the collaborative effort is to comprehensively examine the art sectors as a whole, to identify the future educational needs of artists and the art sectors, and to together create specialisation studies that support the development of the art work and artistic knowledge of the future.

The joint theme for the specialisation studies is Art and Artists in Society. The following courses are under development:

  • Artist-Developer, specialisation studies
  • Specialisation studies in Diverse Art Pedagogy
  • Specialisation studies in Audience Development for Art institutions
  • Art in Society Planning and Buildning, specialisation studies

Additional information:

Sirke Pekkilä, Project Manager

tel. 050-5262 004,

University of the Arts Helsinki Open Campus